Saturday, February 19, 2011

Owl Around the House v.2

I feel like you don't really realize you're truly 'collecting' something until you gather it all up in one place. I swear I decorate with more than just owls!
Here's what I found in my kitchen:
Teapot. I thrifted this one, but saw the exact same one in an antique shop once, and they had it labeled as a cat! Opinions? Still convinced its an owl.   
Another teapot. This was a gift from the boyfriend, but I weaseled it out of him that it was from Anthro.
Spoon holder. From my grandma!
Trivet- thrifted.
Decorative mug- thrifted. Love the tropical motif on the belly!
Cookie jar- antique store
Magnet- gift from boyfriend for valentines day!
Towels and potholders- from Boston Store and Shopko I believe.
Winking Owl wine bottles- from Aldi. Seriously if you have an Aldi in your town run out and buy this wine. Not only for the awesome label, but the thrifty $2.99 price tag too (oh and the wine is totally decent to boot)
I posted about my mug collection here
And a few other pieces have found their way into my cupboard!

Have a good weekend! Have you added anything to your collections lately?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Owl Around the House v.1

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love owls. Because they're scattered throughout my apartment in various sizes, shapes and forms, I thought it would be neat to gather them all up and start a new feature here on my blog: Owl Around the House! Once a week (or so) I'd like to feature bits and pieces of my ever growing collection. 

First off is my collection of owl jewelry. This is where it all began. Back in 2005 my sister and I were browsing a local consignment shop's jewelry selection, and spotted a few GIANT owl pendant necklaces. We stood and contemplated whether or not we could "rock" such fantastically gaudy jewelry, and at that point decided NO. Lo and behold, 6 months later, we were still thinking about the necklaces and decided to go back to the consignment shop- They were still there!! We've been hopelessly obsessed with all things owl ever since.

These are the big guys! 
(Where I've purchased- From left to right):
Antique shop
Consignment shop- The one that started it all!
Antique shop 
 Local handmade seller
Antique shop
St. Vincent de Paul thrift store
 Forever 21
Forever 21
Gift (American Eagle)
Bracelet- Gift
Earrings- Target
Earrings- Gift 
Bobbie pins- Forever 21
Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe

Do you have any owls around the house?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ice Cold

Sometimes the thrift gods have a way of throwing you a bone when you least expect it and most need it. After searching high and low all year I finally came across the very item that was at the tippy top of my thrift wish list: A Penguin Ice Bucket ('Hot & Cold Server' if we're getting technical)!! I've been coveting my mom's and aunt's (which originally belonged to my grandma Judy) for the longest time.

It was waiting for me at Savers for a mere $2.99!!!
There's just something about those penguins....
Hmmm...not sure what will now reside at the top of my wishlist....I'll have to give this some thought. But I could die happy now that I've got my Penguin.

Here are a few other treasures I've picked up these past few weeks:

471 Pyrex Casserole from the Town & Country Set
 Vintage apron (.25 cents at Dig 'N Save!)
Singer Sewing Book circa 1949. An amazing resource for all things sewing related.

Plenty of lovely drawings and mid-century photographs in the book too!
I want to live here.
Betty Crocker Guide to Easy Entertaining circa 1959
With more delicious mid-century sketches:

Happy treasure hunting! Have you happened upon any of your thrift wish list items lately?