Thursday, February 10, 2011

Owl Around the House v.1

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love owls. Because they're scattered throughout my apartment in various sizes, shapes and forms, I thought it would be neat to gather them all up and start a new feature here on my blog: Owl Around the House! Once a week (or so) I'd like to feature bits and pieces of my ever growing collection. 

First off is my collection of owl jewelry. This is where it all began. Back in 2005 my sister and I were browsing a local consignment shop's jewelry selection, and spotted a few GIANT owl pendant necklaces. We stood and contemplated whether or not we could "rock" such fantastically gaudy jewelry, and at that point decided NO. Lo and behold, 6 months later, we were still thinking about the necklaces and decided to go back to the consignment shop- They were still there!! We've been hopelessly obsessed with all things owl ever since.

These are the big guys! 
(Where I've purchased- From left to right):
Antique shop
Consignment shop- The one that started it all!
Antique shop 
 Local handmade seller
Antique shop
St. Vincent de Paul thrift store
 Forever 21
Forever 21
Gift (American Eagle)
Bracelet- Gift
Earrings- Target
Earrings- Gift 
Bobbie pins- Forever 21
Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe

Do you have any owls around the house?


Zootsuitmama said...

my daughter says cool.

Vintage Coconut said...

Wow nice collection! They are all so sweet.

Lisa said...

No but I'm thinking of buying a necklace! I love all of yours :)

Betty said...

I have two large owl necklaces, too, both from estate sales. I really like that articulated bracelet.

Katie said...

Great collection!!! I can't wait to see what other owly things you have to show :)

Eva said...

ooh i love the little bottle cap necklace! adorable

Katie said...

i have soo many owl jewelry pieces as well, but i don't feel bad now because I know you have more! those are all lovely pieces :)

Candace Dee said...

OMG lady, we are totally kindred spirits, I too collect owls, have crazy love of pyrex, and a few other vintages things, actually many... we might need to combined forces. Seriously. Cute blog lady.

Alyssa Bee said...

@Candace Dee- There may need to be a thrift store meet up in our future!

Rachel said...

that's an awesome owl collection. i seriously covet other people's owl jewelery. i just never buy it, i don't know why.
PS: your blog is cute. keep up the good work.