Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Kind of Treasure Hunt, continued

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The real joy to be found in geocaching, is happening upon places you'd never otherwise know existed. Equipped with our trustee iPhones, Kenny and I decided to explore some of the smaller towns around the Madison area on Memorial Day. Places where you wouldn't typically think there would be anything "to do."
Here are some of the magical places / things we came across:

Lovely lakes and bridges-
Local produce market-
A yummy chocolate malt-
 A brewery that we didn't realize was so close to home-
Black Beauty-
Some of our favorite places to geocache are cemeteries. Kinda creepy and strangely beautiful. The caches are never placed on or around graves, so nothing is ever disturbed. 

And then this- well this was just epic. A cache popped up on the GPS called "Cream Puffs as Big as Your Head". Well we didn't end up finding the cache (we did find 9 out of 12 that day) but we DID find said cream puffs.
Listen, that cream puff was sold at a gas station of all places...the price? $2.75!!!
And we literally would have never come across any of this had it not been for this little "game" !!


Katie said...

Ohhh I want that cream puff. What a great price for it too! Ok, you've convinced me. I'm doing it.

chloe.anne said...

Cream puff and choc malt! = YUMO

p.s congratulations on the engagement! :)

Flo said...

What fun adventures! That cream puff is almost beyond definition. I'd also like to say that you look really happy =)

Van said...

NOM! That Cream Puff looks orgasmic! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your adventure!

ana @ i made it so said...

fun! loving black beauty. thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh. That creme puff looks like heaven!

Candace Dee said...

I am making a point to eat some of these cream puffs in the upcoming week. I can not wait, I dreamed of them all night. ahahah. such a cute post. congrats on your engagement too!

Lindsay Ann said...

just came across your blog! saw pyrex and an owl in your header, i'm hooked :) also love the pics of the lake and bridge. looks like a beautiful area!