Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Engaged to be married

My (oops, OUR) wedding is on Saturday. As in 3 days from now. I have made every attempt to make it a THRIFTY wedding. I have to say, I was completely astonished about the prices photographers charge for "wedding packages". Astonished. So for our engagement photos, I employed my sister, my iPhone and instagram. I was thrilled with the results!! Here are some favorites:

Honestly, can you even tell these weren't done by a pro? Thriftiness at its best, if you ask me!


cb said...

these are adorable! congrats on the big day and wish you all the happiness!

Katie said...

I love the idea! Congrats on your marriage! Well, as of Saturday. :)
Maybe after you get married you can do post on how to put together a thrifty wedding? I would love to see what you did to keep it cheap.

Have a wonderful week!!!!

Jamie said...

These are beautiful!! <3 Please share about your wedding shortly after all of the excitement settles! Find me on Instagram so I can follow you! @jamieuralcher

Vintage Coconut said...

Beautiful photos!
I hope you have a fantastic wedding day.

Jenny said...

Love these pictures! They look like a pro did them!


Can't wait to hear all about your wedding!

lasophia said...

Congrats! And way to save on the photographer. I swear for my wedding Im wearing a vintage thrifted gown, taking my own pics, and serving tamales, beans and rice ha.


Pia said...

So pretty! I love the the ones on the railroad tracks!
And oh my gosh, congrats on getting married in only a few days!!

Natalie said...

IG engagements? Cleverrr. Happy wedding!

A Certain Vintage said...

beautiful photo shoot with your fiancee, i thought they were professional! have a wonderful wedding day :)

sarah nicole said...

Cute! I love them.



Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

What a great idea! I love them!:D