Sunday, October 10, 2010


This was quite possibly one of the most amazing weekends, weather wise, in recent memory. 80 degrees and sunny in October- nearly unheard of!! Kenny and I got our bikes out and rode a picture perfect trail around one of Madison's smaller lakes and through a nature preserve (the UW Arboretum). The leaves were a changin' and, oh everything was just perfect!

Enjoy the fall foliage! I feel truly blessed to live in much a wonderful city. After living in Tucson, AZ for college (which I may or may not blog about at a later date) I learned that my heart is truly with the magnificent Midwest. 

This was awesome- We happened upon some wild turkeys!!
Gobble, Gobble
I'm ready for Thanksgiving now!!
Even our bikes are in love!
Absolutely nothing better than capping the day off with a Schlitz and a cookie!


Laura said...

Love it!

Katie said...

you are so lucky! Wisconsin looks amazing. There are no signs of fall her in SoCal. Still gross 90˚ weather -__-

Melzaelf said...

I adore your bicycle! Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, I love the colours. Apparently we had similar weather here last week (which I missed because I was in Crete where it was raining, typical!) but it's starting to feel like autumn again now.

Katie said...

hey you-update your blog!!

ps. i tagged you!