Sunday, November 28, 2010

happY Thanksgiving!

This post is severely overdue- but I have a good excuse! Was at my parent's house since Wednesday and forget to take my USB camera cord to upload all of my pictures :( I realllly could have used something to do too (only so many new episodes of Pawn Stars to catch up on) being home, but lets just say four days was pushing it and everyone was starting to get a little irritable after the turkey comas wore off.

Last Sunday my sister and I decided to cook our version of Thanksgiving dinner at our apartment for our guys. Everything was purchased from Trader Joe's and it was all down-right DELICIOUS! Deliciousness undoubtedly aided by preparing nearly everything in PYREX!

The proud cooks
(most of) The spread.
Turkey (I was so excited to use my vintage platter!)

Green bean casserole

Mashed potatoes
Brown sugar carrots and stuffing in a couple of rogue Fireking and Glasbake dishes
The aftermath. And I'm happy to report all of the Pyrex cleaned up fabulously! Even all of that baked on cornbread. Won't hesitate to cook in it ever again!
Not sure what was happening here, but the look on Laura and her puppy's face is priceless!

And on Thanksgiving Day...I was incredibly thankful that my aunt gave me this set of Pyrex bowls from her own kitchen! My mom has been passing the word around that I'm a collector :)

(this one has been loved)

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and holiday if you celebrated! Back to the daily grind tomorrow :( But then I'm booked every weekend from here on out until Christmas. Decorating cookies, shopping, RIBS (more on that later) So here's to hoping the work week sails by!

**Have tons of photos to take of my thrifty finds from the past few weeks, including Pyrex in the original box! Will post again real soon (thanks for the gentle nudge to get me to update, Katie Bee !)


Katie said...

:) yay! you all look so cute. thanksgiving dinner looks extra delicious in pyrex too!

SixBalloons said...

Yum, what a spread!

Jamie said...

It's funny because I randomly found your blog and started following it because it's cute. Now, whenever I see Pyrex anything, I think of you..haha.

Congrats on your successful dinner!!

ana @ i made it so said...

everything looks great! dare i say pyrex looks better with food inside it? good for you for using it as it was meant to be used! :)

Alyssa Bee said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments, bloggy friends :)

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Great- photos- I love your pyrex collection- I just picked an awesome one up at the thrift store yesterday- need to photograph and post!