Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This Weeks (and last weeks) Treasures

I've most certainly been procrastinating in getting my thrifty finds posted. But here they are in all of their glory. It was a great past two weeks at the local thrifts!

Vintage French card game Mille Bornes circa 1971. I distinctly remember playing this game in High School French class! And I can't pass up a game with all of the original pieces (especially for 35 cents!!!)
I've been looking to thrift a vintage Scrabble game for at least a year. Literally hadn't come across one, vintage or otherwise. I was beyond thrilled to FINALLY find this one at Savers. And it had all of the tiles!! Score!!
Kind of went out on a whim on this one. $12.99 is normally more than I'd spend on nearly anything at the thrift store. But with the original box and manual, this Kodak Brownie Reflex camera was irresistible. Since apparently they don't make film for these anymore, I'll have to settle for it looking cute on my bookshelf. 
Super cute owl latch hook (??) hanging. Its marked "Avon Products 1973." Will definitely be getting a frame for this guy!   

Now I normally don't give Glasbake or Fireking a second look. My heart is with Pyrex. But how could I pass up these dishes at 35 cents per pound at the St. Vincent's Dig and Save. Total for all three was under $2.00! And I do really like the patterns on all of these!  


And now on to the PYREX!!
Pyrex for Weico carafe. 35 cents. I thought it looked like some kind of scientific beaker at first, but my Pyrex Collectors Guide told me otherwise.

Pyrex "Federal Eagle" mug. My first Pyrex mug!
Just in time for the holidays! A Snowflakes divided casserole!! I was out thrifting with my mom and very loudly gasped when I spotted this. My mom immediately thought something was wrong. No mom, things are quite alright!! 

And last but not least, a find that I'd love to get more information about. I absolutely have to give credit to my boyfriend for finding this one. We were at a sale, and I hadn't gotten to the kitchen section yet. Well when Kenny spotted this he instantly came bounding over to me with that "look what I found" grin! It's nice to have another trained eye around! Anyway, this is marked 1 1/2 Qt 023. But I cannot seem to find any cradle that looks remotely like this in my Collectors Guide, on Pyrex Love, or Flikr. I'm going to post about it over at the Collective and see if anyone might have more information...  


Betty said...

You got a lot of great stuff. I can't believe you got a board game for 35c at a thrift store. Around here the price is $3. I think that owl is bargello, a kind of needlepoint. Who knew Avon sold needlepoint kits? I love the look of Brownie cameras. Wish they still made film. Love all the Pyrex too, especially that opal white bowl. What a great cradle!

Katie said...

YeS! I liked your post on the Collective :)

I bought a camera like that a while ago. Before silly me went about thrifting, I bought it at an antique store for wayyyy too much. And then I found out they didn't make film any more! At least yours is supa cute

Alyssa Bee said...

@Betty- Thanks for the info on the owl hanging! Also, got some more info on the opal white Pyrex and cradle over at the Pyrex Collective! Pretty sure its now one of my top three favorite pieces!

@Katie- Its kinda crazy how film has become a thing of the past :( It would be so much fun to take pictures with the Brownie!

Robyn said...

The french card game is pretty stellar, and I don't know anyone who could have passed up that sweet owl wall hanging.

the sparrow and the sky said...

what great finds! i'm in love with the camera.

ashley said...

if only i could find treasures like these at the thrift stores around my town. so cool.