Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Thaw and an Ugly Sweater

Last weekend, my parents, littlest sister and I headed up to the Door County (WI) peninsula for a mini three day getaway. It felt so nice to take a vacation day from work and just relax and recharge! The weather here is slowly but surely warming up, but the last bit of snow left in the area was pretty breathtaking (figuratively and literally- temps were only in the 20s). Here are a few shots from the weekend. The water and sky couldn't have been any bluer, or the snow any whiter.
Kind of strange to see snow and sand.
The most beautiful windy road ever.
Couldn't resist this old, chippy Shell sign.
REALLY couldn't resist this cherry pie. The. Best. Ever.
The water literally sparkled.
And finally. at the hotel we stayed at on Saturday night, we were all so excited to attend their 2nd annual ugly sweater party. Mom and I searched the local thrift stores for the ugliest of the ugly- and boy, did we come across some hideous stuff. We ended up spending less than $4 on 4 sweaters. Anyway, the party ended up being a total bust. Besides the four of us, there was only one other group (4 people) that showed up! We made the most of it and had a pretty great time amongst ourselves.

Me in a god-awful itchy poncho, Dad ala Mr. Rogers, Mom's was bubblegum pink with giraffes, and littlest sis refused to wear anything too ugly- I thought her sweater was adorable, so as soon as she finished wearing it, I snatched it up!
There wasn't much competition- but I DID take home top honors for ugliest sweater :) A free tshirt, some drink tokens and $$ for the jukebox! Seriously, if any of you are attending any ugly sweater parties I'd be more than happy to ship this poncho your way- its a guaranteed winner!


Katie said...

it looks so beautiful! I wish I could see some snow around here.
Your sweater is so fun haha! I've never been to an ugly sweater party, so if I ever attend one maybe I'll hit you up on that offer ;)

Jamie said...

That winding road is amazing!! And I'm glad your poncho sweater took the win. It doesn't look comfortable at all, so you deserved it. haha =]

cb said...

ugly sweater parties are really awesome! i went to a ugly christmas sweater party once and it was so much fun to see all the ugly sweaters in one room! so crazy that there are so many of them out there!


Flo said...

That poncho is so bad that it somehow crosses the line in to awesomeness! Great pick! Your mini-vacay pics are so pretty - it doesn't look like it's 20 degrees out there. It's been in the high 80s/low 90s here, so a dash of cold seems really appealing right now.

Rachel said...

Win. that's all i have to say. oh and throw a light house in anything and i'm yours. seriously. so perfect. i love them oh so much.

Vintage Coconut said...

Very nice pictures.
That poncho could stop traffic! I am sorry it was itchy =( lol