Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Just have a few things to share that I found last week, as the thrift stores around here have been dry as a bone lately. And when I do manage to find something I like, its been WAY overpriced. Perfect example: A strapless black dress originally from GAP at Savers. Marked $19.99 (!!!!) And this was NOT new with tags. Needless to say, I stormed outta there rather frustrated and vowed to never go back (who am I kidding, I always go back :/ )

Here's what I found (all from the Hospice Care Thrift Store):

Some new books to add to my already too full bookshelf:
Girl, Interrupted (Loved that movie, and I'm not even sure I knew it was based on a book) and Into Thin Air (by the same author as Into the Wild)
Adorable woodland creature cookie cutters! These were originally from IKEA. I only paid 99cents!
I've had in incense burner on my thrift wishlist for awhile- was so happy to find this guy for only $1.49!  
And my favorite find of the week:
A Kodak Instamatic with the original box, manual, unused flash cubes, AND....

What appears to be 24 exposures of film left! Which is so, so exciting because it takes 126 film which is no longer being made! I've got plans to use (at least some of) the film on a mini-road trip this weekend, then hopefully find a place that will develop it. I'll be sure to let you know how/if it turns out!
**Note: I'm an idiot... I thought the exposures counted backwards from 24, turns out they counted up from 1! So I was only able to take 1 or 2 photos! I will definitely still get the film developed though- There could be some real vintage treasures on it!

I took a vacation day tomorrow and will be heading up to Green Bay and Door County Wisconsin with my parents and littlest sister. There is a 1970s/ Ugly Sweater party at our hotel on Saturday- should be a real trip! The high temps are supposed to only be in the 20s- YIKES!

Have a marvelous weekend- and stay warm! (I know Wisconsin isn't the only place experiencing a second helping of winter!)


Flo said...

I'll try to pull some strings and send some of our Arizona weather up to Wisconsin for you! I can't wait to see how the pics turn out - that camera is awesome! Have a great trip =)

Katie said...

a thrift store dress for 19.99? helll no! but i indeed love the camera! seriously i can't wait to see how the pictures turn out!
oh, and im pretty jealous of your cookie cutters. basically all of your thrift finds :)

chloe.anne said...

That camera was such an awesome find! I'm super jealous! and the little owl is beautiful. Have a lovely trip!, can't wait to see how the photo's turn out.

MJonas_ said...

your blog is so cute!
if you want you will be my follower!:)

Kylie said...

hi just stumbled on to your blog and really like it.
I love the sound of your family's ugly sweater party...any chance of photos?
It feels like years since I've worn a sweater (or jumper as we call them here in Australia) We have had the longest,hottest Summer...I would love some of your weather!

Alyssa Bee said...

@ Everyone- Regarding that awesome vintage Kodak- I'm an idiot. I thought the exposures counted backwards from 24. Turns out they counted up from 1- so I was only able to take one shot!

Anonymous said...

Those cookie cutters are too cute! And you *have* to give us an update on those pictures once you get them developed :)

Thrifted Treasure said...

That camera is such a fantastic find!!! Would love to see what photos were on it, so nostalgic :-)