Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 Simple Goals (before 2011)

 I haven't been reading blogs, let alone blogging myself, for very long at all. I stumbled upon A Beautiful Mess about a month ago. One of the very first posts I read was about setting four simple goals for yourself before the end of the year. Since I'm typically the type that has the best of intentions for things, but can never seem to follow through (flute lessons, guitar lessons, and tap dance specifically come to mind) this particular blog post really got me thinking. So before I started this little blog of my own, I jotted down the goals I would like to accomplish. So here goes nothing. Feel free to hold be accountable for each and every one of these things. I'll keep ya updated!

1. Start and maintain a blog- Yay! The first part is done. Now if I can just post on a relatively regular basis (which, at this point, I am really looking forward to doing) I will be beyond thrilled!

2. Read daily. Even if only a few pages- I majored in English. Truly do love to read, but have found myself trying to finish the same book for months on end. Right now I'm reading On the Road, and I think I started it at the beginning of the summer. Well it's now fall, and I'm in the home stretch. It's a really excellent book, I just need to commit more time to this particular hobby- before I forget everything I went to college for...

3. Make it to the gym more than once a week- I joined the gym about a year ago. Started off strong, running on the treadmills or ellipitcals about 3 times a week. I have seriously not been getting my moneys worth recently (and it ain't cheap). Lately I've been attending yoga on Mondays (which I love) but am having trouble finding the motivation to go and do anything else. Even if I can commit to going to at least one more class I'll feel that much more accomplished. 

4. Take more pictures (iPhone doesn't count!!)- This one should be easy enough. I have my blog set up, and if its going to be even half way interesting/entertaining, photos will have to accompany my posts. I turned on my digital camera to take pictures last weekend, and I kid you not, the last things on my memory card were nearly a year old.

Best of luck to me!!

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