Monday, September 27, 2010

Books and Thrifty Finds

To begin, I can FINALLY check something off of my to-do list. I finished reading On the Road! Kerouac's writing style was a bit difficult to get into...but in the end I really did love it. I'm sure the movie adaptation that's currently in the works will completely ruin it :(

I've been looking forward to going to my library to choose my next read...
I picked Lolita.
Speaking of books...look what finally came in the mail:
Yay! Over 100 glossy pages of Pyrex for me to pour over!
And on to my thrifty finds from late last week/over the weekend:
Here's the lot
Betty Crocker Outdoor Cookbook circa 1961
Tally Ho board game circa 1961. I couldn't resist the graphics and it had all the original pieces.

Those are Pumpkin Spice Kisses sitting in the scarecrow decoration. Too good to be true!

And last but certainly not least:
The CUTEST owl lamp!
So he wasn't thrifted, but he was sitting all lonely-like on a clearance shelf. Only $12!!IN LOVE!

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Katie said...

I seriously need to get my hands on that pyrex book. I keep meaning to get it on amazon but I'm just too lazy. haha